About Us

James Way Off-Road was founded in 2017 by myself, Mike James, after 15+ years of experience in the off-road industry.

Beginning like most people in the industry, I had a passion for cars and trucks as a child. Memories of dirt road shenanigans with my dad in his old Toyota pickup fueled the fire which eventually grew into a greater focus in the off-road side of things. I began going to the dunes and helping friends with their personal trucks before I could even drive. Once I got a truck of my own, there was no stopping the momentum! It didn't take long for my friends and I to seek upgrades for our trucks, and it quickly became apparent that the only way we could afford to upgrade our trucks was to do it ourselves. This forced us to learn by doing, and figuring out what worked and what did not...

During this time, I was taking classes in high school and college for drafting and engineering. I quickly realized how I could apply these new skills to the upgrades I wanted to do to my truck. In order to fund these upgrades, I began an early career at a local off-road parts store where I worked in sales. Being able to handle all sorts of parts firsthand and see the difference between manufacturers was crucial to deciding which parts would fit my own applications and which parts fell short, and sadly, a lot of parts came up short.

After nearly a decade in the sales industry, I left and began working hands-on as a fabricator/mechanic at NV Fab in Grover Beach, CA. Being able to utilize and install more parts than I had before really shed the light on the shortcomings of products that I once sold. This also gave me an opportunity to hone my skills as a fabricator and welder, which I take great pride in. 

These shortcomings from others along with my passion to create are what drive James Way Off-Road to be what it is today. I strive to make parts that fit, flow, and enhance your vehicle without any shortcomings. Stay tuned for more great products!